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“I put my money on the Sun and Solar Energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.” - Thomas Edison, 1931

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Solar Project Permits in North Carolina

Like any construction project, you need a permit when building a solar project. At Sunrise Energy Ventures, LLC, we understand state and local permitting procedures.

In North Carolina, solar project permits can vary dramatically from city to city. Couple this with long waits, high fees, excessive paperwork, and confusing protocol to convolute what should be a simple and transparent process. Fortunately, Sunrise Energy Ventures, LLC works hard to cut through red tape to become a solar champion for your project.

Did you know that the cost of solar panels has become much more affordable in recent years? Once viewed as a niche market, solar energy has become an important part of a progressive energy landscape. However, there are other costs to factor when planning a solar project. During the development of a solar project, you need to apply for solar project permits in North Carolina.

Our team shines a light on the process to make it easier and more affordable.

Sunrise NC Alexander, North Carolina Solar Project Permits

Important Solar Project Ordinance Considerations

Before starting a solar energy project, it is critical to determine any important local ordinances in your area. Since a solar energy project is similar to other types of development projects, it must adhere to certain ordinances. Depending on your location, it may be permitted, prohibited, or conditionally permitted. We are familiar with all solar project ordinance considerations involved with solar project development.

Just as with the development of a new residential community, a shopping center, or a business park, your solar project must fall under specific guidelines. We consult government documents and other resources when evaluating your project. Your project will likely include some of the following ordinance items:

  • Aesthetics
  • Noise
  • Stormwater
  • Glare
  • Safety
  • Operations
  • Property Value

Conducting a Solar Project Noise Study

Solar power is a clean and quiet form of generating electricity. However, every project must pass a noise study. Because a solar energy system uses modules, inverters, and transformers, it emits a certain degree of noise. However, if needed, implementing noise mitigation measures will always ensure your project complies with the daytime and nighttime noise limits.

Receive your solar project permit by depending on our team to conduct a solar project noise study. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff makes the entire process easy for you. We have provided this service for many years and can ensure your project’s success. As a solar development company, we successfully guide your project from preliminary siting and project development to final operation.

Solar Permits in North Carolina

Sunrise Energy Ventures, LLC is confident in its ability to pull permits in North Carolina. Give us all of the pertinent information about your upcoming solar project and we will determine what is required. You'll receive a package tailored to your solar project.

Why Choose Us?

Our team in North Carolina handles all aspects of permitting for solar energy projects. We're committed to bringing solar energy to customers in North Carolina and the surrounding states. 

 Sunrise Energy Ventures, LLC can provide you with full-service solutions to help you obtain a solar permit.
Contact us to learn more about solar permitting. We serve the entire state of North Carolina.