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“I put my money on the Sun and Solar Energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.” - Thomas Edison, 1931

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Sunrise Energy Ventures, LLC in North Carolina

At Sunrise Energy Ventures, LLC, we specialize in solar project development. We provide services nationwide, however, we have found significant success in North Carolina. We specialize in handling all aspects of design, financing, procurement, construction, operations, and maintenance for solar energy projects. However, our services don’t end there. If you have a project and have taken it as far as you can, then you have come to the right place.

Solar Panels, Solar Development Company in North Carolina

Services from Our Solar Development Company in North Carolina

Our valuable strategic services include:

• Project Feasibility
• Project Development
• Joint-Venture Partnerships
• Equity Investments
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Construction/Project Finance
• Long-Term Financing
• Tax Equity Investments
• Leaseback & Structured Deals
With Sunrise Energy Ventures, LLC, you will always receive state-of-the-art service with the industry's most innovative technology and financing structures. Contact us to discover our wide range of project management services to build out your ideal solar project.

A Leader in Solar Project Development in North Carolina

Solar project development has become a viable business in many markets around the country. North Carolina, specifically, has made significant strides in the industry by adopting independent legislation to enhance the economics of a solar energy project. North Carolina has established programs that help support and drive a project's economics. These programs can be difficult to take advantage to most project developers. 
Sunrise is well-versed in leveraging favorable state and federal tax monetization and maximizing the output of an array to produce optimal deal economics. If you own a solar project in North Carolina and feel like you keep running into brick walls, you are not alone. Since the industry is still young, Sunrise has become familiar with working hand-in-hand with utilities and stakeholders to build confidence as the solar project is put together. Sunrise knows a solar project will only be as good as the team who works on it, so harnessing the power of strong relationships in the industry is second-to-none when working on a project. Sunrise can either guide a project from preliminary siting to commercial operation for a development fee or can buy projects at a wide range of development stages.

Due to increases in federal and state incentives throughout the United States, along with declining prices of solar panels, further growth in solar energy is
expected. Sunrise Energy Ventures, LLC is there to help you build out your solar project. Contact us to learn more! We serve the entire state of North Carolina.